Clisonics Wellness: Musopathy

Clinical Sonic Solutions (Clisonics) specialises in Musopathy based Tonal and Aural Solutions for Health and Wellness.  Musopathy is the study of the fundamental mechanics behind musical impact in a de-culturalised and de-regionlised manner and come up with scientific and precise treatments based on these (in contrast to Music Therapy which studies the use of culture based music to alleviate certain health issues or improve wellness).  


Musopathy as a field was proposed in the 1990s by Indian Musician-Composer, Chitravina N Ravikiran.  His rationale was that Music Therapy's culture and/or region specific approach was quasi-scientific and also limited in scope as it was more likely to provide relief for people associated with either or both.  He also argued that the results published were too broad and simplistic to be scientifically acceptable and mass-applicable.


Musopathy addresses all the above issues by breaking down music from any part of the world into its fundamental universal aspects.  The fundamental aspects common to most major systems of music that use 12 tones per octave in the world are: 


Musopathy aims to conduct sophisticated studies on different parts of the brain or body of humans, animals, plants and micro entities by varying, separating or combining such parameters in clinical music that is created - or very carefully chosen even if from existing works.  Musopathy re-engineers the arena of Music Therapy with its de-regionalised and de-culturalised creations of Clinical Music for more precise studies and is therefore an exciting area with huge therapeutic as well as commercial potential. 

Musopathy can be of 2 types: 

(i) Passive or Basic Musopathy: Participants or patients are aurally exposed to Clinical Music Created for them and the impact it has on them when the fundamental factors of the same music (such as volume and tempo) are varied.  

(ii) Active Musopathy: Participants or patients are themselves taught simple Tonation Breathing Techniques (TBT) which they will practice for 5-6 minutes about 3-4 times per day during the study/treatment period and as their various parameters evaluated.  

Tonation Breathing Techniques (TBT) such as and have been uniquely developed by Musopathy Foundation and Clisonics.  They involve non-strenuous and just organic inhalation but controlled exhalation using self generated tones by the participant through only the nose with closed lips (Nasal Tonation) or through very minutely opened lips (Pursed Lips Tonation).  There are other variants to these for specific conditions.  

TBT does not require training in Music, Breathing Exercises, Yoga etc but provides the combined benefits of all these plus the benefits of mindfulness and other practices.  It can be practiced along with any other breathing or physical training program or yoga.


Charusat University in Gujarat, India studied over 30 patients from 2019 and proved that Musopathy TBT reduced Blood Pressure by over 7 points and also increased the production of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormones).  

TBT also benefited over 300 Covid and other patients with diverse issues, especially during the pandemic and helped their recovery in several ways:  

Mayo Clinic, USA is studying TBT's potential to ease aromatase-inhibitor-induced Joint and/or muscle pain for Breast cancer patients and MetroHealth Medical Centre in Cleveland, USA is studying TBT with Phonation Therapy to improve symptoms and lung physiology in patients referred for pulmonary rehabilitation.


You can start your Voyage to Wellness by getting the TBT instructional videos and playing them several times as you practice the various techniques taught, which may appear simple but still need to be followed precisely.  The duration of each video has been intentionally kept short to enable participants to stay focused and grasp the technique easily and do it themselves thereafter.  You can choose to first understand and practice various TBT techniques (be it Nasal/Buzz Tonation) before applying suggested ones for your condition (such as Anxiety or Respiratory issues) OR you can first check out the videos for your condition and then also get the specific videos that elaborate on the technique recommended for you.  

There are TBT videos for the following:

Other Applications of Musopathy & TBT

Certain techniques like Nasal Tonation and Pursed Lips Tonation have a wider range of applications including increased energy, stamina, focus, clarity, calmness and an overall sense of enhanced wellness. enhanced wellness.  It can be particularly useful and offer viable options of treatment 


TBT is also an integral part of the Clisonics Mind Engineering and Management (MEM) excellence and leadership programs which have benefited a number of individuals across the world.  You can schedule live or online appointments with TBT experts for MEM or Health and Wellness by emailing  

DISCLAIMERS:  TBT is not a substitute for clinical care.  It is only a supplement.  It does not claim to cure your illness. It only aims to help you manage and/or prevent several conditions.  Do not stop ANY medications without consulting your doctors.