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Tonation Breathing Techniques (TBTs) pioneered by Clisonics using evidence-based methods can help you to combat a host of health conditions and empower you to enhance your wellness. TBT consists of diverse specialized breathing exercises with Tonation. These non-strenuous exercises have been shown to improve respiratory, immunological, neuropsychological and general wellbeing.

You can start your Voyage to Wellness today from as nominal an investment as $1* by getting the TBT instructional videos and also scheduling live or online appointments with TBT experts.

Exponential Benefits

There is substantial literature from leading institutions and experts on the benefits of breathing, sound waves, mindfulness, meditation etc. TBT combines aspects from all these in a unique manner to offer exponential benefits to participants. Doing them mindfully as explained by our experts in the instructional videos or in live/online sessions can give you rapid or long term relief from:

Wide Applications

Certain techniques like Nasal Tonation and Pursed Lips Tonation have a wider range of applications and help one to combat diverse health conditions, though the focus and mental approach may vary based on which area one wants to improve upon or what condition one wants to find relief from. Certain other techniques such as Single Nostril Tonation or Nasal Syllable Tonation have more specific applications.

Hundreds of participants of TBT sessions have also reported increased energy, stamina, focus, clarity, calmness and an overall sense of enhanced wellness. TBT is also an integral part of the Clisonics Mind Engineering and Management (MEM) excellence and leadership programs which have benefited both individuals and groups from organizations such as: Government of Kerala, Ernakulam District, Airports Authority of India, Port Trust of India, Lake City Hospital, Mumbai, Axis International, Texas Instruments (Dallas), V O Chidambaranar Hospital, Tuticorin, Philips India etc.

Getting Started with Wellness Videos

The TBT Wellness Videos** are of two types: (a) TBT Techniques such as Nasal Tonation, Buzz Tonation, Pursed Lips Tonation & Pronal Tonation and (b) Applications for various conditions mentioned above. The duration of each video has been intentionally kept short to enable participants to stay focused and grasp the technique easily and do it themselves thereafter.

But it is recommended that you play them multiple times*** and follow the techniques precisely even though they may appear simple on surface. You can choose to first understand and practice various TBT techniques (be it Nasal/Buzz Tonation) before applying suggested ones for your condition (such as Anxiety or Respiratory issues) OR you can first check out the videos for your condition and then also get the specific videos that elaborate on the technique recommended for you.

Individual and Group Sessions

For optimal results, it is strongly recommended that you schedule online or live Wellness or Excellence training sessions with our experts by emailing To stay updated of sessions we may be conducting from time to time, you can request to join our mailing list.


1. There is no requirement to know music or yoga or other practices to practice TBT.

2. TBT can be practiced along with any other breathing or physical training program or yoga.

DISCLAIMERS: TBT is not a substitute for clinical care. It is only a supplement. It does not claim to cure your illness. It only aims to help you manage and/or prevent several conditions. Do not stop ANY medications without consulting your doctors. Read the TC and other information before proceeding to enjoy your Voyage to Wellness using Clisonics TBT or other programs!