About Us

Clisonics Wellness and Musopathy Foundation (a unit of the non-profit Ravikiran Foundation of India) aim to study the impact of Music created for Clinical studies (as opposed to music created for entertainment or other purposes) to seek scientifically precise solutions for Human Health and Wellness and eventually that of other species.


Conduct Research and study the fundamental mechanics and impact of musical sonics on different parts of the brain or body of humans, animals, plants and micro entities in a de-regionalised, de-culturalised and quantifiably precise manner.  


Find Health Solutions for diverse conditions including but not limited to Covid, COPD and ARDS, Sinus, Immunological and Psycho-neurological issues, muscular stress, pain management especially where pharmacological interventions have not succeeded so far or produce side effects and allergic reactions among patients and offer the same to the public at affordable costs.   



Email: wellness@clisonics.com 

Phone/Whatsapp: +91 98401 22711, +1 626 354 4329, +91 9892760488