Tonation Breathing Techniques


Musopathy is the study of the fundamental mechanics of musical impact on different parts of the brain or body of humans, animals, plants and micro entities in a quantifiably precise manner. Musopathy re-engineers the arena of Music Therapy with by creating combinations of frequencies of varying types, tempo, decibel levels and tonalities specially for clinical studies that is region-culture neutral (as opposed to culture/region specific choices often made in many Music Therapy Studies which have led to imprecise or inconclusive results. Musopathy therefore offers scope for more precise studies by varying the complex factors that have not been accounted for in several studies so far. Thus, Musopathy is an exciting area with huge therapeutic as well as commercial potential.

Applied Musopathy offers specially evolved evidence-based Health and Wellness solutions through its Tonation Breathing Techniques (TBT) or other programs for a variety of health conditions. There are also specilized Mind Engineering and Management (MEM) Courses for Individual and Organizational Wellbeing.

Tonation Breathing Techniques (TBT): A unique combination of diverse non-strenuous specialized breathing techniques with the unique addition of Tonation which is anchored on published studies by world class institutions (See references below).

Success Record

Several hundred participants have taken the TBT program since May 2021 including individuals or groups from: The Government of Kerala, Ernakulam District, Airports Authority of India, Port Trust of India, Lake City Hospital (Mumbai), Axis International, Texas Instruments (Dallas), V O Chidambaranar Hospital (Tuticorin) and Philips India to name a few.

The Success record of TBT so far is 100%. Participants have recorded/reported the following benefits:

  • Reduction of stress, anxiety, fatigue and acute or chronic neck & shoulder muscle tension.

  • Reduction of medications for Depression.

  • Increased focus, clarity, energy and equanimity.

  • Respiratory improvement of 30%-300% (in exceptional cases 500%), improvement in oxygen saturation (SPO2) by over 6 points, improved sleep patterns, reduction of high pulse rates (130-80).


The TBT program is distinctive from others because of several reasons:

Precautions & Disclaimers

There are no known risks associated with the Musopathy Tonation Breathing Techniques (TBT) program. It has been designed to be less strenuous than talking. But please note and follow the PRECAUTIONS below carefully.

  • Do not begin any exercises including the Musopathy techniques if you have high fever, difficulty breathing, chest pain or heart palpitations or new swelling in your legs.

  • Stop immediately if you develop dizziness, undue shortness of breath, chest pain, cool, clammy skin, fatigue, irregular heartbeat or any symptoms you consider an emergency.

  • Get emergency attention immediately if these symptoms don’t stop with rest or if you experience any change in physical or mental status from your normal capacity.


Numerous studies in various parts of the world have independently shown the efficacy of sound waves as well as mindful breathing techniques to combat various conditions and a few have been shared below.