Benefits of Tonation Breathing Techniques 

Musopathy TBT is a combination of diverse non-strenuous specialized breathing techniques with the unique addition of Tonation. TBT is a unique contribution of Clisonics and Musopathy Foundation (which is a unit of Ravikiran Foundation of India). It has been anchored on published studies by world class institutions (References below). 




TBT was first launched in 2019 and its success record so far is very high in both Clinical Studies and during general applications. Participants have recorded/reported the following benefits:


Precautions & Disclaimers 

There are no known risks associated with the Musopathy Tonation Breathing Techniques (TBT) program.  It has been designed to be less strenuous than talking.   But please note and follow the PRECAUTIONS below carefully.



Numerous studies in various parts of the world have independently shown the efficacy of  sound waves as well as mindful breathing techniques to combat various conditions and a few have been shared below.